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To get the quickest answer to your question, please review the questions below, or review the resources on the left-hand side of this page. If you don't find your answer, you'll then be able to submit a Support Ticket to us.
Top 10 Support Questions
1.Why are my league standing not properly sorted?
2.In my NFL confidence/pick'em pool, some of the results are wrong - why?
3.Our schedule is not right and the season has already started - how do I fix this?
4.My Scoring Results Appear Incorrect. What Could be the Problem?
5.I've made changes to my scoring rules after the weeks final results have run, but they are not appearing updated for the players weekly scores. How do I update them for this week?
6.How do I set up my league waiver (adds/drops) system?
7.My player scores are being doubled (or way too high) - why?
8.What Kind of Wireless Apps do you offer?
9.Why isn't sending me email?
10.Where do you get your stats from and where is an accurate place to check stats?