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Top 10 Support Questions
1.How do I Create My Draft List & Draft Preferences?
2.How do I set up a keeper/dynasty league draft on
3.How do I Pre-Draft?
4.How do I Upgrade my last year's league to this year?
5.What information gets transferred over when I upgrade my 2014 league to 2015?
6.Can I enter my league history from a prior season that I ran on another league management site into
7.How do I prepare for a live draft on
8.How do I set up a league on
9.I want to join a league - how do I join a league on your site?
10. I've got a lot of people together for my fantasy league, so I need two or more player pools, with two or more separate drafts - can MFL support this type of a league? (or, How do I set up a Deluxe League?)