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Top 10 Support Questions
1.What time are players available again when enabling the option to prevent moves from kickoff of their game until the last game of the week?
2.Games for week 18 have kicked off, but players are not appearing for this weekend to be submitted. How do I display these players?
3.How do I Hide Lineups and Rosters for my League?
4.When will the next year's leagues be available to set up?
5.How do I set up an NFL playoff league (or, How do I keep playing during the NFL playoffs)?
6.How can I upgrade my NFL Playoff League from last year to this year?
7.How do I Replace or Remove or Add a Franchise for a Playoff League?
8.How do I get faster and more comprehensive live scoring for my league?
9.How can I find my league home page web site address? (Or, how do I find all of my leagues on MFL?)
10.How do I prepare for a live draft on